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Our Story

I kept nearly blacking out every morning after breakfast. I was suffering from an autoimmune disorder, and it was taking a toll on my blood sugar. No matter what I ate, I couldn't focus. I felt weak and light-headed. My doctor gave me a simple solution: "Cut out all sugar from your diet for 1 year.. yes, even fruit." As difficult as it was, I knew I had to do it for my health.

That's when I really started reading nutrition labels. I was shocked to discover the 40g of added sugar a day I had been eating, in addition to the dozens of processed ingredients, all from packaged convenience foods labeled as 'healthy'. What was worse, I could count the vegetables I would eat in a day on two fingers....

So I switched to a real food diet. My vegetable intake grew tenfold, balanced out with quality proteins and healthy fats. I was sleeping, moving, thinking, and feeling better - I gained stamina and strength. But it required a lot of cooking from scratch. I complained, "WHY can't there just be convenience food made only from FOOD?!"

To solve this, I started making my own grab and go foods at home, and yuca waffles were my all-time favorite. I would bring them to work, on travels, and share them with family, friends, and coworkers. One thing was unanimous from person to person: how great the waffles made them feel. They were experiencing the same feeling that I felt when choosing real food over processed foods...and I quickly discovered I wanted nothing more than to share that same feeling with as many people as possible: the feeling of being nourished by whole, nutritious and simple food.

I dubbed the waffles Swapples®, left my desk job, and set forth on what would become the best journey of my life. Driven much by my childhood love of waffles and commitment to a healthy lifestyle, we're now on a mission to inspire others to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet, one plant-based waffle at a time.

Rebecca Peress • Founder, CEO