Why can't I find any Swapples?

Many of you have written in wondering where Swapples have been. Alas, here's the answer:


SHOP ONLINE? We regret to say that we will not be able to restock our online store for the near term. There is a possibility that we will be able to resume some point in the future, but we do not have a timeline for this. Shipping frozen product is extremely expensive to begin with, and price increases in the materials needed to 1) get Swapples to you safely and 2) in an environmentally conscious, styrofoam-free way are currently preventing us from doing so.


SHOP IN STORE? Fear not, your beloved waffles are due to make a return to retail shelves soon - we just need you to be patient for a *little* longer. Due to forces much stronger than our waffle-loving team, we have experienced just about every hurdle you can think of in the last 3 months. Growing and running a business is not easy, especially when things happen that you can't plan for, can't control, and can't fix fast enough for your customers. You may have noticed shelves in your local store looking a little bare across the board these days - it's the same story for many of us - COVID has caused some pretty crippling supply chain issues that have prevented us from getting our product back in stock. Paper shortages, staffing issues, equipment malfunctions, transportation delays - just to name a *few*.  A *few*. It pains us that we have not been able to help with your allergen-conscious breakfast routine, fuel you for your workouts, or enable you to have those special moments with your waffle-loving family. Please know that we are working hard to bring them back to you, and can't wait for the day!


Love and waffles,

Rebecca, Founder & CEO