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Your new grain-free soup companion.

Cinnamon Swapples in butternut squash soup make for a very happy desk lunch.

Your new sandwich 'bread.'

Tomato Basil Swapples make the perfect vessel for your hummus addiction.

Your new way to get your greens in.

Garlicky Greens Swapples get you 35% DV Vitamin A in waffle form.


Swapples have changed my life. When I first went Paleo I felt like there was something missing in my world... Swapples have filled that void! They are delicious and nutritious! Every single flavor is amazing. Even my kids love them... if you haven't tried them yet you are missing out.


If you've ever tried to find a gluten-free waffle that 1) tastes good and 2) is somewhat clean, you know how hard that is! ENTER SWAPPLES. These babies are a godsend. They're easy to warm up and taste delicious. And even better news? They have both sweet and savory options so you have no reason not to try them! I promise you'll love them.

Kat D.

I fell in love with Swapples and have spread the word to all my family and friends. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions because they are free of the common allergens. Sooo yummy. I highly recommend! 

Rachel S.

Waffles. Reinvented.

Swapples® are waffles made with whole fruits, veggies and spices. No seriously. That's it! We 'swapped' out processed sugars, thickeners and refined flours for 6 real-food ingredients or less.

We make them savory....

Tomato Basil Swapple on top of salad
Blueberry Swapples with almond butter

...and we make them sweet.

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